Carillion Deconstructed: When Aggressive Accounting leads to Collapse



On the 15th January 2018, multinational government contractor and construction firm Carillion suffered perhaps the most dramatic fall from grace in recent history. Its collapse has since rattled the UK construction industry, delaying key public infrastructure projects and spreading a number of damaging ripple effects along the supply chain. 



This is only one of the most recent cases of aggressive accounting gone bad, but in Carillion's case, there is a twist to the tale. 



Euromoney's in-depth guide, Deconstructing Carillion: When Aggressive Accounting leads to Collapse, diagnoses the cause of Carillion's collapse, explains why nobody saw it coming, and reveals how a debt-fuelled disaster on this scale can be prevented in future.



Download Deconstructing Carillion today and learn:  


  •   •  The real story behind Carillion's liquidation
  •   •  The short and long-term consequences of Carillion's collapse
  •     How Carillion appeared to perform, and how far this was from reality
  •   •  The methods employed by Carillion to 'window dress' financial statements
  •   •  Useful tips and insights to help you identify and prevent fraud in future


What's more, the guide includes supporting diagrams, statistics, and a checklist for analysts to help them spot fraud before it brings down a company. 





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