Case study - Global Financial Service Consultancy

Building a culture of Transparency, Openness and Collaboration at a Global Financial Service Consultancy in North America

This case study focuses on one of our North American clients; a consulting firm with a global presence. The company has more than 3,800 employees providing consultancy and support in a range of markets and a wide variety of industries. This training programme focused on a consulting sub-division of the group, which consists of 40 employees, most of whom are out of the office with clients based across the US for the majority of the week.


The Situation

In February 2018, planning was underway for the consulting team’s annual meeting. A key strategic focus of the team is empowerment. Feedback from an engagement survey indicated employees felt they could speak to and be heard by their leaders, but they did not feel they could impact their client project outcomes.

Our client was looking to establish more than just a one-off training intervention. They wanted to build a culture of transparency, openness and collaboration, which would benefit staff retention, improve client relationships and drive strategic growth and innovation.

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Why Euromoney Learning?

The client wanted to work with us for 5 reasons:

1. Strategic Experience

Euromoney has significant experience designing, developing and delivering integrated learning programmes focused on effecting long-lasting, cultural change.

2. Flexible Partnership

Our client was appreciative of the time we took to listen to their needs so that we really understood their vision.

3. Tailored Programme

Working closely with the client, we curated a wide-ranging content library of online learning and developed customised webinars, video conferences and face-to-face sessions focused on their specific requirements.

4. Blended Learning Approach

Our training approach combines face-to-face, webinars and online learning to make sure it appeals to different learning styles and is flexible to an individual's work commitments, in order to achieve maximum engagement and impact.

5. Social and collaborative learning

We are able to harness the positive influences of social media to enhance the learning experience, by providing a platform where learners can interact with each other, provide peer support, and engage with the trainer and other participants in real-time. 


The Solution

The client's consulting sub-division consists mainly of consultants who are on the road for the majority of the week. In order to maximise impact and ensure all staff were included, they needed a solution that was flexible to different learning styles and individual's limited availability.

To achieve this, Euromoney created a blended learning solution that included:

1. Online learning modules

2. A social learning platform

3. Interactive webinars

4. Tailored video conferences

5. Face-to-face facilitated sessions

6. Diagnostics

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The Outcome

The client’s consulting sub-division is clear that this programme is the start of a journey of evolution. It is recognised across the business as a whole that it has had a huge impact and it is likely to result in a similar approach being adopted by other areas of the company.

Most significantly, the open and transparent culture that has started to develop resulted in honest and constructive feedback. This has formed the back bone of a group-wide action plan which engages all stakeholders and has full buy-in from all involved. Evidence of this commitment to change is demonstrated through a shift in tone and communication style from leadership and a willingness by employees to share issues and concerns.

Maximum engagement in the programme was achieved through offering flexibility and by tailoring the programme to meet the needs identified from broad stakeholder feedback (not just focusing on a top down approach). Euromoney’s innovative instructional design methods created a programme that delivered not only excellent applied skills training, but also played a significant part in setting the scene for long-lasting cultural change.

We look forward to continuing our partnership with the company and supporting them on this evolutionary journey.

"I am immensely proud of what we've accomplished in partnership with Euromoney. It is rewarding to see the change that has happened in our business. Thank you for being part of this journey"


“Euromoney brought the skills and innovation required to collaborate on a brand new, instructional design. This is not a talent that all of our training vendors are readily prepared to bring to the table”


“We have been engaged with Euromoney for some time across multiple aspects of our group-wide behavioural training curriculum. We tend to need a lot of customisation and they are always flexible.”