Euromoney Learning's 2020 Global Training Calendar

The 2020 Global Training Calendar is now live!

Our Global Training Calendar makes it easy for you to browse all of our industry-leading public courses, so you can find the right course for you.



Why should you download our Global Training Calendar?


1.  Browse an extensive portfolio of technical and behavioural skills courses across more than 20 topics areas including Corporate Finance, Legal, Credit, Risk Management, Project & Infrastructure Finance and more

2.  Choose a Guaranteed to Run course that allows you to book far in advance with peace of mind and potentially make huge savings on travel and accommodation. Find out more about our Guaranteed to Run scheme by watching this short video.


3.  Discover courses that would allow you to sharpen your skills and network with counterparts in another part of the world

4.  Get inspired by courses that could help you build confidence, progress faster in your career, and get ahead of the competition

5.  Consider combining several topics into a single, customised programme that we can design and deliver for your organisation.



If you would like to register for a public course, or find out more about what's on offer, please get in touch with our team today. Simply email or call 0207 779 8543. 




Need a learning solution that's unique to your organisation?


We are experts in the design and delivery of completely bespoke programmes that are highly relevant, engaging and impactful. Every aspect of the programme can be customised to reflect your unique brand, culture, products and services. With our learning platform, we can help you find the right blend of online and in-person learning activities to enhance flexibility, engagement, and sense of community.


We can also deliver any our public courses inhouse, at any location worldwide.


For more information about our inhouse and customised programmes, please email with a brief summary of your needs and objectives and we will follow up with you as quickly as possible. 



You can also view all of our courses here.

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